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Charging Solutions

"Charging-first" policy is created by YUDO AUTO and its main charging suppliers and operators in EV market, YUDO charging network starts from your home to your travelling way. Enjoy your travel without worry.

Charging at home

YUDO provides AC charging pile and installation service for YUDO owners.

Charging at home is one of the main charging ways for the owners, YUDO AUTO prvides 3.3KW AC charging pile with professional installation service as well as maintainance service, ensure YUDO owners having convenience to cahrge at home.
Fully charged during night time, Start a new EV day in the next morning.

Charging on the way

YUDO charging platform covers most of the charging points in China

YUDO charging platform covers most of the charging points in China, as strategy partners and charging operators are sharing their platforms with YUDO. YUDO owners can find nearby charging points easily on YUDO charging platform.
Together with its partners, YUDO is going to build up nationwide charging stations to enhance YUDO charging network.

Charging Devices

YUDO owners will get 1 charging wire for HH-Charging, meanwhile, YUDO owners will get 1 charging pile(3.3kw, 200V) to charge at home, YUDO provides one-stop installation service to ensure convenient home charging.

Charging Pile Specification
Capacity: 220V,16A,50Hz Standard:GB/T 18487.1—2015
Length of Charging wire: 5 meters IP grade: IP54
Weight: About 4 kgs Installation way: Wall hanging or Ground Standing
Warranty: 1 year from the date of installation

How to Charge

Before charging
charger is disconnected with charging pile and vehicle
Charging pile is connected with grid power
Connect the charger
Insert the charger to the charging socket, make sure the charger reach the end of the socket
Start charging
Sign in with APP/Member Card/QR code, charing will start automatically
Charging progress
Check the charging information from charging pile screen or vehicle dashboard.
Stop charging
Stop charging by APP/Member card/QR code first, pull out the charger then.
Finish charging
Vehicle is fully charged
Pull out the charger
Pull out the charger and put it back to the gun holder

Charging notes:

* Make sure the charging pile is power-on,vehicle is power-off and parked well.

* Make sure the charger matched the vehicle socket well.

* Make sure the charger is connected with vehicle before signing in with APP/Charging Card/QR code, charging will start after 10 seconds of signing in.

* Please sign out from APP/Charging Card/QR code then pull out the charger if you want to stop charging before the vehicle is fully charged, if your vehicle is fully charged, you can pull out the charger directly.

* Please keep the charger well after charging to avoid possible damage.

* Please don't push E-Stop button during normal charge.

* Please call service center if the charging pile is in malfunction

Installation Process

Place an order

Dispatch installation team

Prospect & Quotation

Quotation Confirmation

Construction & Installation

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